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  • What is the frequency of the Accelerator Program?
    Our Group Accelerator program is now offered twice a year, with cohorts starting in January and July.
  • What sets the Group Accelerator apart from Training with Teams?
    These two programs, although related, cater to distinct audiences. Our Group Accelerator is tailored for Executives, Leaders, and Business Owners. In contrast, our Team program focuses on fostering alignment and cohesion among team members to enhance the overall vision and team dynamics.
  • Do you provide options for payment plans?
    Certainly! We offer several payment options, and we can go over them in detail during our discovery call. You'll also find all the relevant information clearly outlined in your service agreement for your convenience.
  • Are Travel Services Included in Your Offerings?
    Whether you're based in Denver/Aurora or located outside of Colorado, I'm delighted to accommodate your requirements and collaborate with you in your area. The associated costs will be addressed and detailed during our initial discussions.
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