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Hey! Tonoa Manuel 
here, your favorite Business Alignment Strategist

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team is a dynamic blend of talents and expertise, united by shared passion for people, community and business. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and a commitment to delivering excellence. Get to know the faces behind our work, and discover the diverse strengths that power our mission!

Affiliates & Community


Crowley Foundation

Over the last three years, I've had the privilege of serving as the Chief Strategist for the Crowley Foundation, a role dedicated to enhancing their mission. My focus has been on bolstering leadership development and delivering comprehensive training initiatives. Through strategic planning and targeted programs, we've empowered the foundation's leadership to thrive in their roles, fostering growth and impact in their community engagement efforts. It has been a rewarding journey, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to the foundation's continued success in the years ahead.


Panoramic Pro Painting

During my 2.5-year collaboration with Panoramic Pro Painting, I've provided strategic alignment business coaching to guide their journey towards success. Now, we're transitioning into a concentrated 1-3 year strategic plan aimed at fortifying their organizational infrastructure. This strategic plan will primarily focus on enhancing Strategic Planning, refining Standard Operations/Procedures, and  strengthening Human Resources. Our primary objectives are to optimize their operational efficiency, elevate client management, and nurture leadership development within the organization. By prioritizing these key areas, we aim to position Panoramic Pro Painting for sustained growth and excellence in their industry.

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Working Within

In my role as a strategist and coach for our client, Working Within, I recommend a targeted six-month strategic plan. The objective is to reinforce the organization's core infrastructure by prioritizing five key service areas: Partners and Implementation, Strategic Planning, Evaluation, Revenue Strategy, and Marketing & Communication. This plan is designed to streamline operations, improve client relations, and foster collaborations. By optimizing processes, we aim to enhance overall efficiency and impact. The strategic plan also emphasizes the importance of effective strategic planning, robust evaluation mechanisms, revenue generation strategies, and impactful communication. The ultimate goal is to position Working Within for sustainable growth and lasting success.

Join my community and change your life!

There are always a lot of questions when it comes to business. Please take the time to join our mailing list to get the latest updates and learn more about our monthly workshop offerings. I look forward to connecting with you! 

Join my community and change your life!

Navigating the realm of business can be a journey filled with inquiries. We cordially invite you to invest a moment in joining our mailing list, where you'll receive the freshest updates and gain insights into our diverse array of monthly workshop opportunities. I am genuinely excited about the prospect of establishing a connection with you in the near future. Your participation will not only keep you informed but also provide you with valuable resources to navigate the intricate landscape of business more effectively. Thank you for considering our invitation, and we look forward to having you on board.

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